Tips for Applying for Employment at the City of Springfield

////Tips for Applying for Employment at the City of Springfield
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Tips for Applying for Employment at the City of Springfield

Thank you for considering employment at the City of Springfield!

Use the following tips when you’re completing your application materials.

Read through the entire posting materials provided to determine if you are qualified to apply for the job. You must show clearly on your application and qualifying questionnaire that you meet the minimum qualifications for the position. Your supplemental questionnaire will only be reviewed if you clearly meet the minimum qualifications as presented in your application and qualifying questionnaire.

Review the following before completing your application materials:

Application & Qualifying Questionnaire – These materials are used to determine if you meet the minimum qualifications for the job.

  • Read through the job posting, specification, addendum, and supplemental questions thoroughly.
  • Before you begin, gather your complete education, employment, training history, and reference information to complete the application.
    • DO NOT say ‘SEE RESUME’. Resumes are not accepted in lieu of work history requested on the application or qualifying questionnaire. Resumes are not used to determine if your application materials meet minimum requirements.
    • List each job separately, do not group them together. Include all relevant experience, both paid and unpaid. Show how your background meets the minimum requirements for the posting.
    • Be as descriptive as possible in explaining your experience. If you list a position as part-time, include the average number of hours per week in the ‘Most Important Duties’ section.
    • The application has four employer sections. A Work History Continuation form is available for you to submit if you need more space for entries.

Supplemental Questionnaire – Your responses to these questions are used to rank candidates who meet minimum qualifications.

  • Answer all of the questions. DO NOT say ‘See Resume’.
  • Your responses should show how your background matches the needs of the position.
  • Each question is scored individually; repeat yourself if necessary.
  • Use good grammar and spelling. Avoid jargon, acronyms, and vague language.
  • Reread your responses for clarity.
  • Unless the job posting instructs otherwise, there is no ‘correct’ number of words or pages to your response.
  • If the question comes in multiple parts, clearly identify each section of your response as it relates to the question.

Things to know about the online application system:

  • You are not able to save your work and return at a later time. Your application materials must be submitted in one setting.
  • Review each piece before clicking ‘next’. You cannot go back to previous parts of the application materials.
  • Include a valid email address on the application. By doing this, you will receive a confirmation email of receipt and email updates about your status in the process. We recommend you add our email domain ( to your ‘safe senders’ list in your email software to ensure you receive communication from us.
  • The system allows you to be active for 180 minutes only. If you are not able to submit your application materials within that time frame, you will be timed out of the system and you will have to start over.
  • Materials must be submitted by the closing date and time of the posting. If you are actively in an application at the closing time of the posting, you will not be able to submit your materials.
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