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Springfield 2030 Comprehensive Plan

Why, where, when and how should Springfield grow over the next 20 years? The Springfield 2030 Plan updates the Comprehensive Plan to guide and support attainment of the community’s livability and economic prosperity goals and redevelopment priorities. The Plan must address and embrace 21st century challenges and opportunities while fulfilling complex State land use planning requirements to designate where and how much land will be zoned for housing, jobs and commerce to meet Springfield’s projected needs.

The Plan’s goals and policies are an expression of the community’s vision, values and aspirations. The Plan’s Implementation Actions and Strategies provide a clear road map for how these aspirations will be translated into community investment strategies, partnerships, and development actions to grow and improve Springfield.

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Project News

The Springfield City Council and Lane County Boarrd of Commissioners concluded a joint meeting on November 7, 2016 to deliberate the proposed land user plan changes. The City Council passed the following motions:

  • I move for preliminary adoption of the Springfield 2030 Plan and amendments to the Springfield Urban Growth Boundary (LRP 2009-0014), and direct staff to prepare findings consistent with our deliberations and set this item for final action on December 5, 2016.
  • I move the record be reopened for a period of 7 days to November 14, 2016, for the purpose of receiving the information listed in the Additional Items Index to give the public an opportunity to make sure that testimony and written documentation they previously submitted has been included in the record of the proceeding

Click here for complete Agenda Item Summary (AIS) for the Novbember 7, 2016 Joint Elected Officials Meeting..

Click here for the Audio Recording of the November 7, 2016 Joint Elected Officials Regular Meeting

Click here for the Audio Recording of the September 12, 2016 Joint Elected Officials Public Hearing.

Testimony Received

8-22-16 Kloos Letter – Johnson Crushers International
9-11-16 Mike Eyster Letter – Springfield Chamber of Commerce
9-12-16 1000 Friends Letter
9-12-16 1000 Friends – Attachment 1
9-12-16 George Grier Letter
9-14-16 Puzzle Parts LLC Letter
9-15-16 1000 Friends Email
9-15-16 1000 Friends – Delineation Report
9-19-16 Proulx Letter
10-13-16 Kloos Letter – JCI and Willamette Water Co.
10-13-16 1000 Friends
10-13-16 League of Women Voters
10-14-16 Susan Saul Letter

Linda Pauly
Development and Public Works Department
225 Fifth Street
Springfield, OR 97477

Para obtener información en español, comuníquese con Molly Markarian al 541-726-4611.

This work is being conducted in the context of Springfield’s community values as expressed in the City Council Goals. The Plan will further these goals through updated comprehensive plan policies intended to:

  • Promote compact, orderly and efficient urban development by guiding future growth to planned redevelopment areas within the established portions of the city, and to Employment Opportunity areas where future expansion may occur.
  • Encourage a pattern of mixed land uses and development densities that will locate a variety of different life activities, such as employment, housing, shopping and recreation, in convenient proximity, to encourage and support multiple modes of transportation, including walking, bicycling, and transit, in addition to motor vehicles both within and between neighborhoods and districts.
  • Balance the goals of accommodating growth and increasing average density within the city with the goals to stabilize and preserve the established character of sound older neighborhoods by clearly defining locations where redevelopment is encouraged, and by requiring that redevelopment be guided by a detailed neighborhood refinement or special district plan.
  • Use selective, planned redevelopment at appropriate locations as one method of providing additional land use diversity and choices within districts and neighborhoods currently characterized by a limited range of land uses and activities.
  • In both redevelopment areas and new employment growth areas on the periphery, establish planning and design standards that will promote economically viable development of attractive, affordable and engaging districts and neighborhoods.

Proposed 2030 Plan and Urban Growth Boundary Changes

UGB Study Area Maps
Below are the two proposed UGB expansion area maps, and the final draft of the proposed UGB. Click on each map to view.

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