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Industrial Pretreatment

Wastewater generated in the Eugene/Springfield metropolitan area is cleaned at the regional wastewater treatment facility. However, we must also control pollution at the source through pretreatment programs located both in Springfield and Eugene.

These regional industrial wastewater pretreatment programs are designed to protect the environment and the area’s wastewater collection and treatment facilities by regulating potentially contaminated wastewater discharges from commercial and industrial activities.

Regulatory activities include developing pollutant limits for industrial discharges, responding to permit violations, and conducting industrial site inspections.

The City of Springfield Pretreatment Program works closely with business and industry to:

  • Control pollutants discharged into the wastewater treatment system
  • Control spills and illicit discharges
  • Promote pollution prevention and recycling

Contact Information

Shawn Krueger, Environmental Services Supervisor

Phillip Sprague, Environmental Services Technician

Emily Hasler, Environmental Services Technician

Emergency Notification: In the event of an accidental discharge or spill of high-strength toxic materials into the public sanitary sewer, notification must be made immediately in the following order:

  1. Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility: 541.682.8600
  2. City of Springfield Operations Division: 541.726.3761
  3. City of Springfield Environmental Services: 541.726.3694
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