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Glenwood Refinement Plan

parkblocksGlenwood is an approximately one square mile area abutted by I-5 on the west and south and the Willamette River on the east and north that lies between the City of Eugene and downtown Springfield. Glenwood has been under Springfield’s jurisdiction since 1999. Development in Glenwood is guided by the Glenwood Refinement Plan, originally adopted by Eugene in 1990, adopted by Springfield in 1999, and amended in 2005 along the Willamette Riverfront north of Franklin Boulevard. A general lack of urban services has restricted development, hindered redevelopment and constrained widespread improvement in the quality of life in Glenwood.

The Glenwood Refinement Plan Update Project will establish the vision for the future of Glenwood and will provide guidance on how land use, natural resources, public facilities and economic development opportunities should be developed, designed and enhanced over the 20-year plan period, based on a broad range of citizen input. The goal of this project is to provide clear objectives, policies and implementation actions which will support and facilitate the redevelopment of Glenwood into an attractive place to live, work and visit. This project was initiated by the Springfield City Council in 2008 to further one of the Council’s high priority goals: Facilitate the redevelopment of Springfield; and is funded in part by the Urban Renewal Agency. This project, which is currently underway, will be developed in three phases. Together, these phases will comprise a comprehensive planning process that will include visioning, feasibility, analysis, physical planning and design.

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